We are The Blackfeet People of

We are blessed

Our peoples homelands range from:

The Great Plains West along the

foothills & into the Rocky Mountains

from as far north as The Saskatchewan

River in central Alberta and as far south

as Yellowstone in current day Wyoming

then crossing as far east to The Cypress

Hills of Saskatchewan.

You have just travelled through

the 4 directions found within
our medicine wheel synchronously

known as our SOVEREIGN

From the four directions of our Nation,

We bring to you many of our

indigenous foods and medicines that
we share with our families and our friends

in honour of The Creator & the bounty of

which has been prepared in service to those

we love. We are a people who have listened

to this land and the solutions are abundant

through our language of Blackfeet we

have received options from the

creator himself to reconnect

to our bodies, minds & souls.

We view our role and true value 

proposition as transparent as this fine

gentleman's quote: 

" Each generation’s collective task is one of

discernment, the ability

to be on the receiving end of the

harm and the hurry of the times; &

translation, the ability to craft a project

of redemption particular to what harrows &

hurts that generation’s time.

Courage & ciphering are involved, &

nothing in it is easy or casual. The work

then is one of radical redemption

You can see that this understanding of

projects of the spirit doe s not guarantee

that everything will work out in the end.

There is no “ end ”. “ Things working out”

means only that you are not valuing the

challenges from the travails of your time. " 

            Come of Age ~ Stephen Jenkinson

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Cardston, AB T0K 0K0, Canada