Our Hemp products are grown in orchard and broadacre methods. 
Some strains are grown for lipid content found in their stalks and flowers,  while others are grown for seed or fibre. Hemp is Traditional to our Territory with original wild strains still growing to this day. We create oil distillations that we offer in our own custom vaporizing pens for travel without the trouble of needing to use the bulky and often wasteful 3rd party designs that have coils that burn out too fast or non-rechargeable batteries meant for disposal.   






Our Cannabis products are grown in small orchards in organic living soils. Our breeding programs start with original landraces gathered from the Traditional Blackfeet Territory. Many are bred with other Land Races found within Turtle Island as far south as Mexico and as far north as Alaska. Our Top Cannabis products are hand-grown, hand-harvested, handcrafted, and freeze-dried to preserve the very best of the flower trichome and terpene profile. All products are lab tested.