Immunity support and Adaptogen.

Second/third doses at the discretion of the user.


This potent 2:1 extract serves as convenient immune support in a bottle. Take 0.5 ml in the morning & at night for holistic support. Reishi is a potent & popular adaptogen that aids your entire body in response to life's unexpected changes. From the colds & flu that affect us seasonally to assistance during chronic health challenges, this is your solution.


Reishi grows throughout the world, found primarily on hardwood trees. This species, used for more than two millennia across Asia, has been respectfully called the 'Mushroom of Immortality.'

MORE IMMUNITY! Reishi aids the body's response to infection.

Reishi is the #1 known nutraceutical mushroom species worldwide.

CENTURIES OF USE: Promoting cardiovascular & immune system health.

WHY MUSHROOMS?: Experience natural health-supporting compounds from the original superfood of our ancestors.

Reishi Fruiting Bodies Grown on HEMP substrate in Central Alberta on our native land.