This potent 2:1 extract serves as convenient energy in a bottle. Take 0.5 ml in the morning & at noon for revitalizing support. Cordyceps is a potent adaptogen that aids your entire body in response to life's unexpected stresses. From the fatigue that affects us daily to assistance during major athletic training, this is your solution.


Cordycepin, the main compound in these ancient medicinal mushrooms, is being studied to help to optimize cellular metabolism, blood oxygen saturation throughout the body, & plays a critical role in the maintenance of DNA/RNA.

MORE ENERGY! Cordyceps aids energy & endurance.

NATURAL STAMINA: Supports internal metabolism & oxygen uptake.

CENTURIES OF USE: Cordyceps has a history of use in the Himalayan mountains to aid strenuous, high altitude activities.

Cordyceps militaris Fruiting Bodies Grown on gluten-free substrate in Central Alberta on our native land.

Our Cordyceps Strain is Native to North America.